Sylvia Douglas Psychotherapy

28th November 2015 
Tel: 01873 860 636

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My name is Sylvia Douglas. I am a fully qualified psychotherapist registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council. I offer an individual psychotherapy and counselling service in South West Hereford and the Welsh Borders.

I am a trained psychoanalytic psychotherapist. This means that my approach is to seek to understand how current emotional and psychological difficulties can have their origin in thoughts and feelings that are unconscious to the individual and may be located somewhere in past childhood experiences.

I work with a wide range of emotional, psychological, and interpersonal diffiulties.

Why choose a psychotherapist?

One of the ways that human beings deal with difficult and painful experiences, particularly in early life, is to put these experiences out of our minds. However they continue to exert an influence on how we see the outside world, how we live our lives and the choices we make.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a process by which we can gradually come to understand more about the influences that have shaped us, and the effect they continue to have on our thoughts and feelings.

Psychotherapy does not offer a 'quick fix'.
It is a long term process in which the relationship with the therapist can become a safe and trusting one, offering a private and confidential space in which new ways of resolving old conflicts can be found and change gradually achieved. The realisation that there may be choices other than the ones we are accustomed to making can often bring a profound sense of relief and with it an awareness of being more truly ourselves.

I have worked in private practice in North London for many years but I am moving to Herefordshire at the end of July '08 where I shall continue my practice. I am also an experienced counsellor.

How to find me?

I am near to the village of Ewyas Harold, just off the A465.
I am approximately half an hour's drive from Hereford city, Ross on Wye, Hay on Wye and Abergavenny. I am about forty minutes from Monmouth

Contact details

Please phone me to make an appointment or to make an initial enquiry on:

0207607 6757

Or after the 31st July on:
01873 860 636

If you get my answer machine you can either leave me a message,or try again until you can speak to me directly.

Or you can e-mail me at: